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Capturing these special moments is what wedding photography is all about for me. I have a photojournalistic approach and use the naturally happy emotions of your special day to tell its beautiful story. There are typically very few days in our lives that we can 100% guarantee will be full of fun. Thankfully wedding photography means there are many more in mine when I know there will be smiles, laughter and happy tears aplenty.

As you can see from my photos, I have a relaxed and light style – with the aim of putting you at ease in front of the camera. It’s always great getting to know my couples and I also think it helps in making you more comfortable being photographed – one reason I always recommend an engagement shoot as a warm up so that you know what to expect!

To make sure each photograph is the best it can be I give small amounts of direction when necessary, but I steer clear of anything contrived. There is nothing worse to me than seeing wedding photography where the couple looks awkward. I believe your photographs reflect your day when they contain natural light, natural emotion and a natural you.

It’s your wedding day and it’s there for you both to enjoy every second of it. Wedding photography is obviously something you’ve thought about – why else would you be here? – and it is important that you choose a photographer that suits you and that you can get on with. So, feel free to get to know a bit more about me.

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